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Marketing Project Topics & Materials

  1. Effect of E-commerce on sales revenue of Small and Medium Scale Enterprise in Nigeria
  2. Impact of promotional strategy on brand product in the market
  3. Nexus between packaging and sales turnover among FMCG companies in Lagos, Nigeria
  4. Impact of sales target on sales turnover among FMCG companies in Lagos, Nigeria
  5. Relationship between customer service delivery and customer base in commercial banks, Nigeria.
  6. Effect of market segmentation on organizational market share: A case study of manufacturing sector in Nigeria
  7. Impact of sales promotion activation on organizational distribution channels in Nigeria
  8. Investigation into the effect of net promoter score on sales performance in beverage industry in Nigeria
  9. Impact of customer satisfaction on the return on investment of commercial banks in Nigeria
  10. Effect of product packaging on customer preference for “made in Nigeria” products.
  11. Effect of product packaging on Customer post-purchase decision in Nigeria
  12. Comparative analysis of e-commerce and personal selling strategies and its effect on small scale organizations
  13. Barriers to maximization of the gains of digital marketing by small and medium scale organization in Nigeria
  14. Impact of word-of-mouth advertisement on customer patronage of a brand: A case study GT bank Nigeria.
  15. Nexus between organizational corporate culture and employee performance
  16. Effect of extrinsic motivation on Employee productivity in a Chinese factory in Nigeria
  17. Effectiveness of government agencies and boom of counterfeit drugs in Nigeria
  18. Marketing mix and customer satisfaction: An empirical investigation using structural equation modelling
  19. Impact of repeat customers on business performance and brand reputation
  20. Impact of customer loyalty on brand sustainability in recession period
  21. Effect of work-life balance on employee productivity in a service industry
  22. Impact of employee job satisfaction on customer satisfaction in the telecommunication industry
  23. A rational investigation of the relationship between sales promotion and customer loyalty in the Nigerian telecommunication industry
  24. Effect of courier service delivery on the brand image of e-commerce sites in Nigeria: A case study of Jumia Nigeria
  25. Comparative analysis of the determinants of consumer preference for locally-made products and imported products in Nigeria: A case study of imported and Ofada rice sellers in Lagos, Nigeria
  26. Effect of BTL marketing on consumer acceptability and loyalty to a brand
  27. Impact of ATL marketing on brand image in the market: A study of Nigeria telecommunication industry
  28. Growth of e-commerce and its attendant effects on development of entrepreneurship in Nigeria
  29. Effect of e-commerce growth on small and medium scale enterprise in Nigeria: A comparative analysis
  30. Effect of customer engagement on brand image: A study of Ikeja distribution company
  31. Effect of social media marketing on brand image and reputation: A case study of telecommunication sector in Nigeria
  32. Empirical analysis of the effect of digital marketing strategy on survival of small and medium scale enterprise in Nigeria
  33. The impact of marketing information system on marketing campaign design in the organizations
  34. Effect of marketing campaign design on growth of an organization
  35. Impact of customer relationship management on customer retention in the service sector
  36. Relationship between marketing campaign and customer satisfaction with service delivery of commercial banks in Nigeria
  37. Determinants of customers’ preference for operating an active bank account in a commercial bank in Nigeria
  38. Effect of product distribution strategy on sales turnover of FMCG companies in Nigeria
  39. Effect of price penetration strategy on the growth of an organization: A case study of ETISALAT
  40. Determinants of customer churn and attrition: A case study of commercial banks in Nigeria
  41. Relationship between customer satisfaction score and performance of commercial banks in Nigeria
  42. Effect of social media marketing on consumers’ purchase behavior
  43. Effect of brand name on customer purchasing decision of a mobile phone